My Getting Pregnant Story

My Getting Pregnant Story


My Getting Pregnant Story
By Tina J Yang

I myself experienced a miscarriage at around 10 weeks on 24th, November, 2012. This is despite an ultrasound test at 8 weeks that showed a normal and health fetus. I bled for around 2 weeks following the miscarriage. I received my normal menstrual period on 27th, December, 2012; approximately 20 days after I stopped bleeding due to miscarriage. I went for a pregnancy test after the period and it was negative. In January, we started trying for the first time to get pregnant and yes, after five weeks I tested positive. I could not be able to express my joy at getting pregnant again after a miscarriage that fast and easy.

I felt guilty when I experienced a miscarriage as I felt that I could have done something to prevent losing my baby. However, I later managed to move on as I discovered that mostly miscarriages happen due to fetal abnormalities or else internal problems which can not be prevented. I also found out that miscarriages are normal occurrences in women only that most of them experience them even before knowing they were pregnant. The implantation process is not always perfect and at times it takes the woman body a number of tries to get it accurate.

I believe that there must be good chances of becoming pregnant following a miscarriage. To increase my chances of becoming pregnant after a miscarriage, I started eating a healthy diet high in folic acid. Low level of folic acid before getting pregnant is associated with miscarriages. The fetus needs folic acid in the initial weeks of development. At this time, a woman may not know that she is pregnant. Hence, I took to taking my prenatal vitamin after experiencing the miscarriage and during the period between the loss of my fetus and trying again to increase my folic acid levels.

Chances of becoming pregnant can get better or remain unchanged following a miscarriage. Chances of becoming pregnant may decrease with increase in number of miscarriages. Still, miscarriages may not affect chances of becoming pregnant but may affect the possibility of carrying the pregnancy to term. It is the cause of the miscarriage that influences the chances of becoming pregnant following a miscarriage.

I can confidently say that it is impossible to get pregnant again right away after a miscarriage!

This is because hormones levels are high and hence boosting fertility. However, it is good to wait for at least one normal menstrual cycle to give the body time to recover and to decrease chances of a second miscarriage. This increases the possibility of getting pregnant and carrying it to term. Some doctors may recommend waiting for even 6 months so as to increase chances of becoming pregnant without complications.

Often, the likelihoods of getting pregnant following a miscarriage remain as they were prior to miscarriage. There is a 95% chance of getting pregnant for a second time after a miscarriage while women who have experienced more than 2 miscarriages have a 75% chance of getting pregnant. Miscarriages do not affect the chances of getting pregnant again like other health issues and diseases do. However, a number of women experience miscarriages for mysterious reasons. The cause of a miscarriage cannot be always known by testing.

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